Payroll Tax Services

Payroll Tax Services

Our automated and computerized payroll tax processing solutions simplifies the payroll operations so you can eliminate administrative headaches, concentrate on your business daily operations, and be more efficient and productive. You don’t worry about calculating gross wages, social security taxes, medicare taxes, and federal withholding for each employee paycheck and then writing each paycheck. We input all the payroll data and our processing center does the employee direct deposit to their bank account and electronic transfer of all employee and employer payroll tax deposits.

1040 Tax Center, Inc, a Coral Springs accounting firm, specializes in customized payroll tax services and allows you to stay current with all the changing tax regulations, complex payroll tax laws, and helps you avoid costly penalties and fines.

Payroll tax services


Some of the payroll tax services and solutions we offer are:




  • Full service payroll tax processing solutions
  • Preparation of federal Form 941 and state unemployment payroll tax returns
  • Electronic employee and employer tax deposits for monthly and quarterly taxes
  • Employee direct deposit into their bank accounts
  • Preparation of annual employee Form W-2’s and 1099’s
  • Employer payroll reporting

Payroll Tax Returns

1040 Tax Center prepares your quarterly payroll tax returns such as Form 941 and Form UCT-6 FL Unemployment State Tax return and also the year end Form W-2’s for employees

We integrate your  QuickBooks accounting records with your payroll tax records and use this information to incorporate our other small business tax services. Our payroll tax services provide you with the most recent payroll tax technology which includes precise information, accurate reports, timely deposits,  and payroll tax returns filed electronically.

Our payroll tax system maintains current payroll information with  local authorities, state regulators, and federal compliance rules by automatically preparing payroll checks, calculating employee and employer payroll taxes, filing payroll tax returns, depositing electronically payroll tax deposits with the IRS, reporting accurate employee compensation, and integrating your payroll with your accounting records.