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1040 Tax Center Inc, a Coral Springs, FL accounting and tax preparation firm, in Broward County offers Form 1040 tax return preparation services for individuals, S corporation tax returns, LLC partnership returns, and services for trusts, estates, and small businesses. Our tax professionals prepare tax returns all year at our Coral Springs income tax office, including personal tax returns, partnership tax returns, and corporate tax returns.  1040 Tax Center is a full service accounting firm offering a full range of accounting, tax, and business consulting services, including 1040 tax preparation, QuickBooks consulting and QuickBooks setup, bookkeeping services for corporations and small businesses, incorporation and setup advice, income tax return preparation services, and various advisory and tax consulting services.

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Our income tax preparation division is located on Sample Rd in Coral Springs and no only does our tax team prepare your taxes but also provide free tax advice so you can take advantage of the tax laws.  Sit down with an experienced tax accountant and knowledgeable tax professional and we will educate in tax deductions, strategies, and give you free tax advice and a customized tax planning session.

Coral Springs Individual Income Tax Preparation

Our Coral Springs individual income tax preparation firm can prepare your federal tax return and provide e-file so you receive your income tax refund within 10 days. Income tax filing can be easy with our team of accountants and tax experts who are dedicated and committed to providing a high level of expertise so you receive the maximum refund. Our individual income tax preparation includes Form 1040 tax return with all forms and schedules. We offer electronic checks and direct deposit. Call the tax accountant now and watch our tax professionals teach you some tax strategies.

Our Coral Springs accountants and tax professionals provide accounting and tax services and solutions such as::







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  • Individual tax return preparation- Form 1040
  • E-file tax return filing
  • Small business tax preparation
  • Income tax and tax planning services
  • Personalized tax solutions and expert tax advice
  • File taxes – quick, easy, affordable
  • Form 1120S Sub S Corporate tax preparation
  • Form 1040 Personal tax preparation
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Coral Springs Small Business Income Tax Preparation

Our Coral Spring small business income tax preparation services include all Form 1120S corporation tax returns, Form 1120 C corporation taxes, Form 1065 LLC and partnership taxes,  and self employed business entities. Our accountants and tax experts with checklists, worksheets, and questionnaires will help identify the list of tax deductions, overlooked tax deductions, and income tax credits  to minimize and reduce your taxes on your income tax return. Learn how to save thousands of dollars on your taxes with a tax strategy session with an accountant. Our tax advisors and tax consultants are experienced in tax laws and trained to be financial experts.

Learn how to be creative and aggressive in your tax approach and reap every tax benefit while still being legal. Our tax preparation services will show you tax planning strategies and the tax information and knowledge to make decisions in your small business. Don’t cheat yourself of the tax benefits and tax loopholes you are due.

Call our Coral Spring small business income tax preparation accountants and get the tax refund you deserve.